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Valentine Party

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Red Ribbon Week

Friday, August 3, 2012

Welcome to Fourth Grade

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Assignment Sheet

March 26-31

Have a wonderful spring break!

Monday- Spelling Preview


Wednesday- 2:10 Early Dismissal
                     PBIS Reward


Friday- Spelling Test (Multiple Choice)

Spelling Words: additional, beautifully, blissfully, boastfully, carefully, cheerfully, colorfully, educational, effortlessly, endlessly, guiltlessly, joyfully, meaningfully, playfully, restfully, respectfully, childishness, truthfully, usefully, powerfully



Sunday, September 23, 2007

Learning Links for Fourth Grade

Computer Station

MAP Practice
Language Arts
Fun Math Links
Social Studies

What’s Happening in Fourth Grade


Reading-We will begin Theme 5 in our reading textbook once the PARCC testing is completed.  In this theme, the students will be examining the characters, setting and plot of the stories.  The will also be sequencing events in this section.

Math- Fractions have been our area of focus for the last couple of weeks.  We are currently working with mixed numbers and improper fractions.  Later, we will be extending fraction concepts to include decimals.

Social Studies- We have almost completed our study of the Southwest Region of the United States.  The geography, history and people of the West will be our next region of study.

Science-  Our next science unit will focus on the human body.  We will learn about cells, tissues, organs and systems that make up our bodies.  Later, we will learn about the best ways to keep our bodies healthy.