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Welcome to Fourth Grade

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Learning Links for Fourth Grade

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Social Studies

What’s Happening in Fourth Grade


Reading-We will begin with Theme 1 in our reading textbooks.  The focus skills for this section include examining character traits and motivations.  We will also be comparing and contrasting people and events in the stories. The stories in this theme involve characters that are facing challenges.

Math- Our first couple of topics in math include understanding and relating the multiplication and division facts.  If your child doesn't know all the multiplication facts, please encourage them to practice at home.  Topic 2 involves understanding and working with patterns.

Social Studies- We will begin the year reviewing the location of the continents and oceans on a map.  Then, we will learn about the geography, history, and government of the United States as a whole.  During the remainder of the year, we will study each region of the United States separately. We will begin with the Midwest region.

Science-  Our first unit in science involves the earth and its features.  We will spend some time learning about natural hazards, such as volcanoes and earthquakes.  This unit also includes a section on the ocean and fossils.